I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. This year, I celebrated differently, as most people did. My family decided to host a virtual Thanksgiving celebration. I had hosted virtual calls before and had just experienced a successful virtual 20th-anniversary call on Zoom and with the chance to share my screen, shared videos, and played games, so I knew virtual calls could be fun. But, this was Thanksgiving. We always gather on Thanksgiving to eat and fellowship as a family. So, I was skeptical about planning a Thanksgiving virtual event, not knowing how it would turn out. After listening to the recommendations given by the CDC and other respected people in my community, I decided to plan a virtual celebration.
My mother first brought up the idea, so I took the idea to my sister, who also liked the idea. My sister and I both planned a virtual Thanksgiving get-together that turned out much better than expected. As I mentioned above, gathering together with family on a Zoom call for a Thanksgiving celebration was new. We used the Evite platform to invite over 20 family members and friends – over a dozen family members popped in and out of the call over 3 hours.

Zoom Call

(More attendees popped in during our gathering:)

We talked, laughed, played the online version of Scattergories and Virtual Bingo, and had a lot of fun. But, during the call, something even more amazing happened! Being on the line did not prevent me from feeling the energy from the others, and I could feel the energy from all the other family members on the call. After the call ended, we enjoyed our holiday Thanksgiving meals in our individual homes and shared pictures and videos of our meals.

Thanksgiving Meal

The Thanksgiving Meal That My Household Enjoyed After The Zoom Call:)

Did anyone else have any virtual experiences over the holidays?  Feel free to share below.

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