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The withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan has been the topic of discussion among many around the globe.

Many veterans, soldiers, and their caregivers need help to deal with the real effect of what is happening in light of current events in Afghanistan. The Elizabeth Dole Foundation has planned to connect military families, veterans, and service members with mental health professionals in the exclusive, registrant-only event:  Afghanistan: How Do We Talk About It?  The talk is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, August 19th at 8 pm ET.

I am a caregiver to a spouse who was catastrophically wounded due to the Afghanistan War, and I am the wife of a soldier who came home and will never be the same. My husband will always be different from when he left for war.

My husband is glued to the TV right now, as are many veterans and service members. Many soldiers and their families are concerned and need to talk. My husband, like many others, need to stay abreast of what is going on in Afghanistan, and he does not want to see his humanitarian efforts impacted adversely. And at the same time, my husband is satisfied that while he was in Afghanistan, he did his job and completed the mission given to him. But, what about the soldiers who must withdraw from their mission?

Many veterans, soldiers, and their families have been affected by the decision to remove our troops. Many soldiers and their families were affected by the decision to send our troops. 5.5 million military caregiver lives were turned upside down in an instant when soldiers returned home from war injured, and now, many are struggling to deal with the reality of the Afghanistan/Gulf War as no longer being a war conflict. There are repercussions and aftermaths on both sides of the spectrum.

How do I feel? I feel as if we ended a senseless war. The war broke up so many families that we knew by divorce because the soldier left one way and returned differently. Or, worse, a soldier died and became a casualty of war through senseless acts of terrorism and murders of our soldiers by the enemy.

As I mentioned above, many veterans, soldiers, and caregivers are struggling with how to deal with this. Register for a one-hour live session with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation and multiple experts to discuss your feelings. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from experts in real-time. Please register here for this live, exclusive, interactive opportunity to talk about it.

Please share this event far and wide! ALSO, YOU MAY FOLLOW THIS LINK TO REGISTER!

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