I have no words… I feel a lot of emotion and disbelief as a result of the events in Afghanistan. Many veteran and caregiver organizations have come together to support our troops and their families during this tumultuous time. Among those organizations, the Elizabeth Dole Foundation has offered tremendous support by providing live virtual calls, and I have attended each session.

The live, virtual calls are safe places to talk. I can attest that during the calls, mental health professionals have shared strategies and tips to help families and veterans cope with this difficult time. And participants on the call have shared their struggles and feelings to receive support from the professionals or others experiencing similar issues. I encourage all of you to register to attend the Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s next session, “Afghanistan: Let’s Continue the Conversation,” held via Zoom on Tuesday, August 31 at 8 pm.

The sessions have helped me understand ways to cope during this time, and I recommend that each veteran family plug into and connect to these calls. My heart breaks as I process the soldiers killed, warriors wounded, and consider the additions to the military caregiver community; for example, spouses, parents, and family members have suddenly become caregivers. I feel terrible for those families who are directly dealing with the traumatic loss and all of our veteran and caregiver families in the U.S. watching all of these problematic events unfold. 

Please register and tune in to the Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s next session: “Afghanistan: Let’s Continue the Conversation,” to address this issue and for continued support. If you cannot make it, I encourage you to download and view the recordings; I have included links to them in this blog post.

Resources to Help Cope with Recent Afghan Catastrophes:

Click the links below to obtain the previous session and resources:

Disclaimer: The feelings and opinions expressed on this blog do not reflect the same views of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation

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