I am thankful for the nonprofits that have offered me and many others who care for their loved ones numerous free resources on much needed opportunities for respite.

Among these wonderful opportunities are retreats for caregivers of veterans or service members. I’ve had the privilege of attending a few of these and have found them to be deeply rejuvenating, inspiring, and restorative when I badly needed a rest from my intense responsibilities of full-time caregiving. I highly recommend that all caregivers seek such opportunities for their own well-being. Full-time caregiving requires a tremendous amount of physical and emotional energy and can quickly be debilitating for caregivers if they don’t make time for themselves. Time away to rest, heal, and strengthen is crucial for each of these caregivers.

women receives respite at beach

Free Respite for Caregivers

The Wounded Warrior Project has a family support component with respite offerings that vary based on one’s geographic location. Have you signed up for WWP’s family support program? If not, please click here to register for this FREE service. You will learn about wonderful opportunities to enjoy a variety of relaxing, inspiring, and motivating experiences of renewal. Find a sense of calm, order, and inner peace once again, and start to feel re-centered. Take time to focus on your own well-being, which is critical to helping you keep your life in balance and maintain optimal health.

What ways do you include rest and respite among your caregiving tasks?

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