Precious with Husband and Wounded Warrior, Balboa Tennis Clinic, San Diego

Lenny & Precious, Wounded Warrior Balboa Tennis Clinic in San Diego

I would like to introduce you to my husband Leonard, who I usually call Lenny. I met him while doing my laundry at a coin laundromat in Atlanta in 2000— imagine that?! We were both doing our laundry. On this Sunday afternoon, I walked past him toward the dryer section, with my 7-year old niece on my heels. Lenny stops me and says “Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?” One of the OLDEST lines in history!!! But I loved that he used such a silly line—surely he knew it was an old one—and I appreciated that he used it in fun. I had to stop and take notice—and I obviously liked what I saw! And … now, the rest is history:0

Here are a few interesting facts–>

What attracted me to Lenny…?

His smile, his humor, and his awesome looks.

What I loved about Lenny before he went to war…?

His unfailing work ethic, great sense of humor, and ability to sooth and comfort me whenever something worried me.

Precious & Leonard, Wounded Warrior Tennis Clinic, San Diego Zoo

Precious & Leonard, Wounded Warrior Tennis Clinic, San Diego Zoo

What I still love about him…?

His humor—he still manages to make jokes, even in the midst of hard times; his commitment to provide for his family; and his determination to protect me as his wife.

And …

What makes me feel anxious now…? 

That he will always need care; that he will need more care as time goes on; that our life is so unpredictable—that I never can tell what the next hour will be like…seriously.

Precious & Lenny

What Lenny and I loved to do before he went to Afghanistan…?

Go to the movies and sports events; snuggle together on the sofa, bed, and other intimate areas;

serve our church & community.

Today, what we love to do together …

Watch TV together; I do “me” and he does “him” … stay together.:0

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