Over 5.5 million individuals support a wounded, ill, or injured service member or veteran. According to a RAND study conducted in 2014 – today, that number has increased and only shows the large population that supports our wounded today. As a military caregiver, I can personally attest to the enormous gap that is missing from my emotional, physical, and social support. That has been that way since the day that I assumed this military caregiver role. Often, the caregiver can hardly concentrate on enjoying their much-needed respite time away from their care recipient because the caregiver is concerned about what is going on at home and whether their care recipient is being cared for. As caregivers, we need uninterrupted time to enjoy ourselves and take a break while also having the reassurance that our loved ones receive quality care.

Help is on the way! The Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s Respite Relief Program has expanded and is NOW available to military caregivers OF ALL 50 states!! 

What is Respite?

 To a large number of military caregivers today, the term “relief” is a distant figment of the imagination – a desire lost amongst the shuffle of duties, responsibilities, and stress that too often consumes the military caregiver’s life. So, what is “respite?” According to the National Institute on Aging (NIH)respite is short-term relief. A caregiver can arrange respite at home or any other facility. Why is respite care necessary? A reporter of Saunder’s House mentions that respite care “gives the caregiver time off to recharge their batteries.” Respite, in turn, allows the caregiver to pursue their interests while their loved ones are receiving quality care – and without the caregiver feeling the guilt of being away from the care recipient.

Respite Program Details

The Elizabeth Dole Foundation has partnered with the VA to provide a new respite program that will bring caregivers opportunities to receive the respite they need. Some examples of in-home professional services for respite that you can receive at NO-COST from a professional caregiver are:

· light housekeeping

· transportation

· grocery shopping

· meal preparation

Do you want more information about this dynamic program?! Click here to find the entire list of ways you may request relief at the Respite Relief Program. Click here to discover more about the program’s criteria. And, if you have more questions, you can email respiterelief@elizabethdolefoundation.org.

Caregivers – Click this link to apply today for EDF’s respite relief program and receive your much-deserved respite and self-care!

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