My days, months, and years as a caregiver to my husband have included many challenges in discovering who I am. For instance, I need to include physical activity in my day in order to maintain health, overall wellness and well-being. What about the days when I need respite, recreation, or rest?

My days of ignoring my need for mental relaxation have recently come to a screeching halt. After receiving multiple doctor reports about my mental health, pre-diabetes, and other health challenges, I knew it was time for a change. While brainstorming about ways to get on the right track, I can remember one of my doctors asking if I had considered yoga. This brought back memories of the times when I think the most I have ever participated in yoga was in a Wounded Warrior Project event. WWP knows the value of yoga, and I usually find myself practicing some type of yoga when at a retreat or respite event. However, my yoga practices rarely extend past the actual event. I don’t go home and do any of it, and that has to change. I really need to improve my practice of engaging in this ancient practice, which is one of the best known activities for alleviating stress and improving mental health and acuity.

Tips on Yoga

Why caregivers need yoga … As caregivers, we need to remember the importance of practicing yoga or some form of mental and physical exercise each day, but most of us are challenged with finding the time. Keep in mind, however, what I have learned for myself: your most vital asset is YOU. You need to be at your best for yourself and for your loved one and the rest of your family.


In a previous post, I shared several online resources for starting into yoga and physical exercise programs. Open my self-care blog post  and scroll to the Exercise section (near middle of the page) for tips on yoga.

I usually only post about self-care resources that can be accessed online or that are available for all caregivers, despite geographical location. However, here is another resource that is specific to NE Florida: Yoga4Change. This amazing resource not only offers yoga; it also provides a program, AKA a yoga curriculum to its students. The curriculum leverages real world themes with traditional yoga forms, relying on trauma-informed practices to empower participants. More on this resource can be found at Yoga4Change.

Caregivers, let’s find the time to work on ourselves. I have found myself putting off scheduling my personal care, all the while scheduling appointments almost daily for my loved one! Are you doing the same thing? Are you neglecting to care for yourself? Let’s make a change today. Yoga4change may be the start for someone? If not, check out my blog on self care for other online resources or post some you have found useful in the comments section below.



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