Today, we remember the fallen men and women who served our country and gave their lives for us all. This day is painful for many Americans whose loved ones are among the ones we honor today. Those who remember the men and women who died in service often have traditions to honor these fallen soldiers, including visiting a memorial park or going to a parade. But, in these times of social distancing, options for paying tribute are limited. Remembering those who did not survive the war has always been especially hard for my husband, and the millions of others who lost loved ones in the military.

And like so many of these people who are mourning this deep loss, because of the need to continue social distancing, many are unable to attend memorial parks that were visited in the past in remembrance. Fortunately, the VA is offering live streaming from VA National Cemeteries. In keeping with CDC guidelines to limit large gatherings, the ceremonies are not open to the public, but the live streaming can be visited at

To all of the men and women who died defending our country and protecting our freedoms, may you rest in peace.

And then some returned wounded – and are now fallen as well! They did not die in battle, but rather sustained injuries during a battle and did not recover. To all of the men and women who defended our country but who returned wounded, ill, or injured, and will never be the same – God bless you and thank you!

To all of the families who have experienced insufferable loss, thank you, too, for the sacrifices you make and have made!

How are you choosing to spend this Memorial Day?

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