Families across the globe are experiencing a pandemic, which in turn has triggered a massive amount of changes in today’s norm. What started overseas has now grown into a worldwide pandemic that has affected homes, families, and communities. Many wounded warrior families find themselves battling immune deficiencies and being in the high-risk category during this pandemic. As a caregiver, I find myself wondering what will happen to the future of our nation, families, and our world, and I’m turning to my faith for an uncertain tomorrow.

When so much of the news and events around this world are uncertain, it is important to embrace the positive and hope. That’s why below I have listed resources that will provide information to caregivers and their families, and hopefully give a sense of relief during these troubling times. These are not sites for medical information; it’s critical for each of us to stay informed and up to date on all medical information, local emergency updates, and health advisories during this pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.gov) is the best site for all medical information. Keep up to date at the CDC’s website. Each city and state also has its own updates, so make sure you and your family are connected to those sites for advisories.

For caregivers and their families,  organizations such as the Elizabeth Dole Foundation are coming out with Public Service Announcements and providing a wide range of information to those who are hurting, especially those who are of the wounded warrior community. For example, the Foundation has initiated a survey to look at the challenges and pressing that caregivers of Wounded Warriors are experiencing.

I hope that the following resources will provide support caregivers through the evolving situation associated with the Coronavirus. During this time of heightened awareness about public health and reducing the risk of exposure for ourselves and those we care for, it’s critical to gather updated information from trusted sources.

Below are links to Coronavirus-related resources and articles that will be of interest to caregivers and families:

  • A resource-hub that has been designed by The Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s Hidden Heroes Community to provide support and resources to military and veteran families.
  • The Foundation’s Hidden Heroes Caregiver Community has a virtual community on Facebook that will allow vetted military caregivers to engage with each other as a community and share advice and resources.
  • Click this link to find a COVID-19 Survey for Military Caregivers (click this link and scroll to the bottom of the page for the survey link), that has been designed by the Elizabeth Dole Foundation to determine the needs of the wounded warrior community during this time.
  • Social Media Cards that offer support, that have been put out by the World Health Organization (WHO). This series of social media cards share messages supporting caretakers and health workers. It also shares messages that bring positive stories to light, as we want to focus during this time on the positive. (LINK:  Here are a few examples:


Call To Action: I challenge you to grab a social media card from the WHO’s website and share it with your family and friends or share on your social media page.

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