Operation We Are Here:  Financial Resources for Wounded Warrior Families

Jan 31st, 2019 Couples Precious Goodson, EdD 3 min read

In several previous blogs, I addressed the fact that many wounded warrior families face considerable financial challenges, and I noted details about the Military Caregiver Financial Hotline, which can help guide you as you work toward financial health.  This current blog continues the discussion of financial resources, with an introduction to another excellent online resource, Operation We Are Here, which provides a wealth of information…

Take Action: Take Charge of Your Financial Future Today!

Aug 14th, 2017 Caregiver, Financial, Self Care Precious Goodson, EdD 5 min read

Military Caregivers: Call (888) 503-1168 and take charge of your financial future! As military caregivers, putting the needs and welfare of others over ourselves is natural. For me, the care of my loved one has taken precedent over every other thing in my life — including credit and my financial welfare. Obviously, it is important to take care of our finances timely, but who has…

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