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Adam Evans has worked in a variety of educational roles, from substitution to full-time teaching to administration positions. Currently a full-time private tutor, he likes to spend his free time exploring museums and the West Coast’s natural wonders with his wife and their sons. I am grateful that he reached out to share tips with my audience. 

Going back to school to gain more education is one of my passions. As I have shared in a previous blog, my husband transferred some of his education benefits to me to complete my doctorate entirely online, while caring for him! I hope you find the tips that Adam shares below helpful as you consider returning to school!


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Veterans give so much of themselves in protecting their country. While the public can never do enough to honor their sacrifices, one way the government tries to give back is through support for higher education. Going to college as a veteran can pose some unique challenges, but the rewards are astronomical. With the diligence and perseverance instilled in U.S. veterans, there has never been a better time to pursue your bachelor’s or master’s degree.

What are your interests and talents?

 When it comes to going back to school, the world is your oyster. You can study anything that interests you or what you might want to take into your civilian life. If you enjoy troubleshooting, careers in IT may be a great fit. If you enjoy being outdoors and working with your hands, forestry or land management may fit the bill. The point is that doing what you love may still be work, but your passion can help get you through school and into a field you love.

Look into your benefits.

 The Veterans’ Affairs office offers many educational benefits that can benefit veterans and/or their families. Eligibility differs based on your time and length of service, so be sure to find out what is available for you and yours. The VA can also assist you in finding schools that interest you and help you find other opportunities.

Many organizations and schools also offer scholarships for veterans, which can help cover any other costs you may incur for schooling. After everything you’ve sacrificed for the country, you deserve the help to get you where you want to go next, so seek out who wants to give you a leg up.

Consider online courses.

 How we receive education has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. Online courses offer more flexible hours than traditional college curriculums while still being led by professors who can impart valuable knowledge, help with assignments, and answer questions.

If you were to return to school for a master’s in information technology, for example, you would qualify for positions in cybersecurity, IT management, or data analytics. Most degrees can be earned entirely online, from teaching degrees and special education certifications to nursing and medical management. No matter how busy you are, online courses are great options to help you finish your degree.

Consider experience-based education.

One of the other ways education has continued to change is the advent of experience-based education. When you have experience doing a task, some colleges and universities are willing to award that experience with college credit. Not all universities offer this, but your experiences as a veteran may help you avoid retaking simpler or introductory courses you don’t need.

Apply away!

As veterans, applying for college will be among the easiest paperwork you’ve ever had to complete, so don’t avoid it. Many colleges and universities have low-to-no cost application fees, and those fees may be waived if you apply early enough before you want to start school. Make sure to choose the schools that interest you based on their programs and offerings.

Ultimately, there are countless resources dedicated to helping you achieve your degree. These, along with sheer grit and hard work, will ensure that you start the next chapter of your life strong.

 There you have it, everyone! Adam makes a great point: You could use the G.I. bill to finance your entire education. If I can do it, you can as well! After completing an online education and earning a doctorate, I would encourage all caregivers to consider these tips!

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